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2013 in review – from Florida to Africa

So I’m a little late on my New Year’s post… like REALLY late in blog world. But I figured, better late then never and in my opinion it’s never to late to self-reflect. I’m also really late on my birthday post. That’s right, this girl turned 26 January 3! I am officially in my “late-twenties”… Read More

Christmas Eve

Shopping is finished, presents are wrapped, cooking is (mostly) done, and it’s pretty quiet in the Ehrlich flat. We are about to head over to my mother-in-law’s where we’ll have dinner with Jono’s brothers and my sister-in-law. Things are about to get a little crazier around here so I’m using these quiet moments to reflect.… Read More

Vote for me for the expats blog awards!

I’m excited to announce I’ve entered the blog into its very first contest! It would mean the world to me if you would read my entry, and if you feel it’s worthy, make a comment on it. The blog entry with the most comments wins. (A comment has to be more than 10 words!) You… Read More

Rest in Peace Madiba

  My mother-in-law met Mandela in 1998 at a school in the Eastern Cape. She posted this photo of them on Facebook today and called meeting Mandela the highlight of her career. She was privileged to be associated with him, as are most people who had the opportunity to be in his presence. I never met… Read More

Job offers and finding focus

Some of my friends and family have been concerned that I’m getting “bored” while in South Africa. So I am? Well, the answer is a little complicated. Let me give you the low-down on how I’ve been spending my days. You see, after I started to feel settled in our home, and my husband was… Read More

Staying strong

I have officially passed the one month mark of living in South Africa, which means I have about nine months left on my journey abroad. Realizing I’m this far in has made me a little pensive. Sure nine months seems like a long time. You can bring life into the world in nine months! But… Read More

How to be confident, happy and brave

  When I first started mentioning to family and friends that Jono and I were considering moving to South Africa for a year, I’ll be honest, I was unsure of what the response would be. Yes, living abroad has a romantic quality to it, but it was a bold move, something that was uncharacteristic of… Read More