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Life of a golfer’s wife: Progress Update

Today was a big day! Drumroll please….my husband signed up for Q-School! For those of you who don’t know, my husband’s dream is to become a professional golfer and the main reason we are in South Africa is for him to pursue his dream (more about that here). Q School is a big step in… Read More

How to celebrate a hole-in-one

After 14 years of golf, my husband finally nailed that shot that golfers dream about, a hole-in-one. It was at a golf course he typically doesn’t play, but went spur of the moment when someone had dropped out of a foursome. He hit a GREAT shot on a par three, laying the ball up on the… Read More

Walking the course

Golf is my husband’s passion. He lives for it. Sometimes, when he is quiet for too long and I can tell that he is mulling something over, I’ll ask, “what are you thinking about?” I don’t know why I ask, because I know the answer already: golf – his swing, the 6th hole, a driver… Read More