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Encounters with Elephants – Wildlife Wednesday

At dinner the other night with friends, we were showing off some photos from our Kruger trip when we came across some photos of a baby and momma elephant. Our friend squealed in delight, and I smiled, remembering just how amazing it was to watch that little baby running in between its mom’s massive legs. For this… Read More

Dashing Dassies

Confession: while most kids were watching cartoons on Sunday mornings, I was sprawled out in my PJs on our living room floor watching the 1966 film Born Free, based on the amazing true-life story of an orphaned lion cub named Elsa and her caretakers George and Joy Adamson in Kenya. *Spoiler Alert*  When their mother was shot,… Read More

The best surfers at Boulders Beach: African Penguins

When I first heard that South Africa was home to penguins, seeing them was immediately added to my South Africa bucket list. What an amazing opportunity to see penguins in the wild, and bypass the whole freezing temperatures thing. So when we arrived in Cape Town last week, a trip down to Boulders Beach in Simon’s… Read More

Oh, Cape Town

Maybe it’s the upcoming romantic holiday, but I can’t help but compare my visit to Cape Town to a short, torrid love affair. I marveled, wined and dined, cried tears of happiness, gasped in surprise, felt the pang of disappointment, elation, and continuously found myself swept up into the beauty of it all. I can’t… Read More

Last game drive in Kruger = giraffes galore!

Before leaving Kruger, we decided  just one more game drive was in order. We went in the Crocodile Bridge gate again, really hoping to check lions and leopards off of our big five list, but unfortunately we had no luck in the cat department. Cats aside, we still saw lots of wildlife and for this… Read More

Wildlife Wednesday: Bush Babies

So, as I’ve mentioned previously, one of my goals this year was to focus on my freelance work and this blog. I have actually been super busy with freelance work, which is a blessing because it gives me money to travel, and I’ve also been busy brainstorming up ways to make this blog even better.… Read More

Monkeying around on my birthday!

I’m a big fan of experiences over gifts, especially when it comes to my birthday.  It’s not always possible to travel every year, but because I am already in South Africa, I wanted my 26th birthday to be one to remember! After giving it a little thought I decided I wanted to go on a… Read More

Spotting the elusive cat

I’ve been reminiscing about our Kruger trip and thought it was about time to show you more of the amazing wildlife we saw. These photos are from the second game drive of our trip, through the Crocodile Bridge gate to Lower Sabie restcamp. One of the first animal encounters of the day was a herd… Read More

Kruger In Photos (spoiler: baby animals ahead!)

In game driving, just as just in fishing, the earlier you start, the better. The air is cooler and the wildlife hungry. Most gates in Kruger open at 5:30 a.m. but it varies seasonally. We arrived at the Crocodile Bridge gate around 6 a.m., paid our conservation fees and proceeded into the park. My first game… Read More