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Officially on Safari: My First Wild Animal Sighting

We woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, packed the car, and as most good road trips begin, left an hour later than scheduled. The trip was an estimated 4.5 hours with my poor loving husband agreeing to take on all of the driving (have I mentioned I still can’t drive manual?) Luckily this drive was nothing like the I-95… Read More

Return from the wild

After a week of driving through Kruger’s dirt roads and playing game ranger, today seems pretty uneventful.  When you spend a week searching for a glimpse of an elusive African cat, watching elephants and their babies trek across Crocodile river and baboons hop from car to car, it kind of changes you. The wild things on… Read More

Know before you go: South Africa’s Kruger National Park

Whenever I ask someone who has been to Kruger Park about their experience, their response usually contains one of the following phrases: “life-changing” or “indescribable.” Hopefully I’ll be saying the same thing after next week when I take my first steps into this famous park! South Africans, tourists, and expats alike LOVE Kruger. Why? It’s simply the… Read More

A roaring good time!

The night before we went to the Lion Park  I couldn’t sleep. I felt like my nine-year-old self  before the first day of school. SO excited and totally prepared. I had my outfit picked out, camera charged and research completed. The Lion Park is the number one tourist destination in Johannesburg, and good marketing aside,… Read More

The Weaver bird

When I was about 7 years old, my grandma’s sister, Maureen, traveled from England to visit us in Florida. We welcomed her into our home, taking her on a house tour which ended on the patio. Maureen let out a little gasp as a something scurried across the floor. “It’s just a lizard!” I exclaimed,… Read More

Hiking on Heritage Day

National Heritage Day is a public holiday in South Africa. It is a day where the rainbow nation comes together to celebrate their cultural diversity and rich heritage. The holiday has also been referred to unofficially as “Braai Day” since 2005. In this NPR article, Jan Braai, the man behind the campaign for Braai Day, says he hopes… Read More

Walking the course

Golf is my husband’s passion. He lives for it. Sometimes, when he is quiet for too long and I can tell that he is mulling something over, I’ll ask, “what are you thinking about?” I don’t know why I ask, because I know the answer already: golf – his swing, the 6th hole, a driver… Read More