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My Current Obsession: Bunny Chow

For me, few things beat a good curry. It is the ultimate comfort food – creamy, warm, savory, sometimes sweet and as spicy as you like. I’ll never forget my first curry experience, it was a Thai Panang curry with chicken at my next-door neighbors house. Growing up, anything oriental was never on the family’s menu. They… Read More

Wine Not?

Wine. I feel like the day you can truly appreciate wine is the day you become an adult. I started drinking wine when I was 21. A sorority sister informed me that you could fit a whole bottle of wine in a bubba keg and I was sold. Classy, I know. Back then I tended… Read More

Why a South African Braai beats a US bbq

Trust me. I was skeptical too. When my then boyfriend, now husband tried to explain the beauty of a South African Braai, I’ll be honest, I didn’t really get it. It sounded like a basic barbecue. A gathering of friends and family eating food from the grill. “Our barbecues are great,” I argued. “My dad… Read More

Love = Cupcakes

I was over the moon when my friend Mandy, who lives in our complex, invited me over for a ladies Valentine’s Day tea. First of all, it gave me an excuse to wear my bright red JCrew pants (not pictured, unfortunately) and I’ve never celebrated Valentine’s Day with my girlfriends before! Mrs. McGrady, Mandy and… Read More

For your drooling pleasure…

When I flip through my family’s vacation photos, I always notice one common thread: food. Whether it’s a big bowl of seafood pasta, gigantic garlic rolls dripping in butter and garlic, or a big plate of  spicy caribbean chicken wings from the No Name Pub, we have photos of them. The food may be long gone,… Read More

Five Favorite South African Desserts

So, I’ve been stuffing my face with an embarrassing amount of sweets in the past two months. My curiosity often gets the best of me, and before I know it I’m not just eating one pudding (SA word for dessert, not the jello instant pudding that American’s know!) at the braai, my bowl is filled… Read More

Checking off my grocery list in SA

I love grocery shopping. I find pleasure in walking down the isles, checking items off my list. Here it’s no different. I’ve been to a few different grocery stores, and they are all surprisingly much like American grocery stores. Sure most of the brands are different, and I find myself having to defer to my… Read More