Peace, Love & Giraffes

Chasing dreams and adventure in South Africa


How to celebrate a hole-in-one

After 14 years of golf, my husband finally nailed that shot that golfers dream about, a hole-in-one. It was at a golf course he typically doesn’t play, but went spur of the moment when someone had dropped out of a foursome. He hit a GREAT shot on a par three, laying the ball up on the… Read More

Visiting Sandton City & Nelson Mandela Square

Sandton is known as “Africa’s richest square mile” and if you are craving a bit of elegance and looking to drop some cash, the Sandton City Mall won’t disappoint. It boasts more than 300 stores, including high-end fashion designers such as Lacoste, Bebe, Guess, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, and Salvatore Ferragamo. You will also find specialty food… Read More

A roaring good time!

The night before we went to the Lion Park  I couldn’t sleep. I felt like my nine-year-old self  before the first day of school. SO excited and totally prepared. I had my outfit picked out, camera charged and research completed. The Lion Park is the number one tourist destination in Johannesburg, and good marketing aside,… Read More

Staying strong

I have officially passed the one month mark of living in South Africa, which means I have about nine months left on my journey abroad. Realizing I’m this far in has made me a little pensive. Sure nine months seems like a long time. You can bring life into the world in nine months! But… Read More

Checking off my grocery list in SA

I love grocery shopping. I find pleasure in walking down the isles, checking items off my list. Here it’s no different. I’ve been to a few different grocery stores, and they are all surprisingly much like American grocery stores. Sure most of the brands are different, and I find myself having to defer to my… Read More

The Weaver bird

When I was about 7 years old, my grandma’s sister, Maureen, traveled from England to visit us in Florida. We welcomed her into our home, taking her on a house tour which ended on the patio. Maureen let out a little gasp as a something scurried across the floor. “It’s just a lizard!” I exclaimed,… Read More

How to deal with culture shock

The first time I visited South Africa was for a month-long vacation. I remember being surprised by the way people said hello and goodbye (what was with all the kissing?), unsure of what to order at restaurants and frustrated when people couldn’t understand me. Because I was on vacation, I didn’t expect to feel like… Read More