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Chasing dreams and adventure in South Africa


Things You’ll miss about America while abroad

I happened across this Huffington Post article today: 27 things you’ll miss about America while abroad, which definitely had me chuckling a little bit! Some of these things were SO true and had me shaking my head in agreement, and some were a little off and/or didn’t apply. Here are my favorites from the list and a… Read More

What’s the plan, man?

Pretty much every conversation I’ve had in the last two weeks has centered around two questions. Question 1. When are you heading back to Florida? Question 2. Is Jono still going to pursue his golf? Well, the original plan was to be here in South Africa until the first week or July, which is when… Read More

Wine Not?

Wine. I feel like the day you can truly appreciate wine is the day you become an adult. I started drinking wine when I was 21. A sorority sister informed me that you could fit a whole bottle of wine in a bubba keg and I was sold. Classy, I know. Back then I tended… Read More

An April Fools Wedding

March has come and gone and if I could sum it up in two words I’d say “adventures and adjustments.” In the first part of the month, my two girlfriends Jess and Emily were here for 10 days, which threw life out of whack in the best way way possible. We spent 3 days in Kruger… Read More