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Walking the course

Golf is my husband’s passion. He lives for it. Sometimes, when he is quiet for too long and I can tell that he is mulling something over, I’ll ask, “what are you thinking about?” I don’t know why I ask, because I know the answer already: golf – his swing, the 6th hole, a driver etc. I find it so attractive that he feels so passionate about the sport.

But this is not a golf blog.  I’m not going to be reviewing golf courses, equipment or recapping tournaments. However, it’s fair to say that golf may pop up from time to time because of the huge role that it plays in my husband’s life and the fact is golf is what brought us to South Africa. My husband’s dream is to be a competitive golfer.  So for the next few months he plans to practice, practice, practice and hopefully make this dream a reality. Our roommate Mark competes on the sunshine tour and I also happen to play golf (not well).

One of the best parts of all this playing, practicing and competing is it takes him to golf courses around the country, and I often opt to tag along! So in the past two weeks I’ve been to five different golf courses (including the one in our neighborhood).



Reading Golf Course, Alberton, South Africa


Parys Golf Course


Zwartkop golf club, Centurion, South Africa

Mooinooi Golf Club, Mooinooi, South Africa

Mooinooi Golf Club, Mooinooi, South Africa

I am definitely not complaining! It’s been awesome to see different provinces within Africa and the landscape while driving. Here is what it looked like on the way to Mooinoi Golf Club:

Driving to Mooinooi Golf Club from Nicole Ehrlich on Vimeo.

For me, walking around the golf course is typically a rejuvenating experience. I love nature and for the past few years in the working world, I didn’t get to spend nearly enough time connecting with the great outdoors. Sometimes we take a golf cart but typically walk. It’s a great work out and beautiful opportunity to listen to the birds sing, spot a meerkat or two and socialize.  I’ll take it.



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