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Wine Not?

Wine. I feel like the day you can truly appreciate wine is the day you become an adult.

I started drinking wine when I was 21. A sorority sister informed me that you could fit a whole bottle of wine in a bubba keg and I was sold. Classy, I know. Back then I tended to go for Franzia, or other super fruity varieties. Five years later, here I am drinking Merlot on a wine tour in Cape Town and learning the proper way to drink it. Look how far I’ve come, mom!

Might I say there are some instances where I don’t quite feel like an adult, like when I do this:


or film myself doing this.


or that. ^^^^

But even though we’re on a wine tour, we can’t take ourselves too seriously, can we?

While planning our girls trip, the wine tour was one of the things I was MOST excited for. The Cape wine route is internationally known for its stunning vineyards and delicious wines. I almost went once, but I got a stomach bug and had to pass. This time there wasn’t anything stopping me!

After a bit of research, we decided to go with African Story Tours for our wine tour. They got great reviews on Trip Advisor, included lunch and transported us to and from our hotel….all for R600. Done.


Our tour was led by Bruce the sommelier and took us to five beautiful vineyards in Paarl, Stellenbosch and Franschoek.



My favorite vineyard was Solms Delta, where we were able to sit outside and do the tasting. The weather was PERFECT and the scenery was lovely.




Another favorite was Fairview in Paarl, where they make not only wine, but cheese too! A lot of the wines also have clever names like “Goats do Roam” and “The Goatfather.”  If you go, you have to try the Extrano wine – my favorite red of the day! I picked up a bottle to take home.



Of course I was obsessed with the fact that there were goats living in fancy little castle towers on the property.


We also got to learn about the wine making process, tour a cellar and do a brandy and chocolate tasting.

IMG_2692_edit IMG_2614_edit


Brandy, not my favorite, but surprisingly (or, not so surprisingly) drinkable with some chocolate! ^^^


My beautiful friends!



Naturally, by the end of the trip we had befriended all of the the other girls! It was so fun to meet girls our age from places like Germany and England. We were having so much fun that we took group photos in all the usual spots, like trees. We all exchanged numbers and made plans to meet up laster for a fun night on Long Street! It was such a fun day that I will never forget! Cheers to memories, cheese, and wine!


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  1. Kaelene@Unlocking Kiki says

    I love going wine tasting. These places look beautiful and like it was a great time with your friends.