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Minor flat disaster

This morning I woke up to a knock on our bedroom door, “Jono, Jono?” Mark said. I was sort of asleep in bed barely registering what was happening. “Whatever it is, he’ll sort it out,” I thought, rolling over in my duvet. About a half hour later I climbed out of bed, looking for coffee. “What happened?” I asked.

“You didn’t hear it?” They pointed in disbelief at the tile just in front of our sofa. Apparently the disaster made a loud wood splintering sound followed by a loud pop and crack of the tile. I slept through all of it, and I can’t even blame jet lag.

The surrounding tile is raised and there is a lightning-bolt-shaped crack that spans about three pieces of tile. Upon first inspection I was certain there had been an earthquake in our living room.

No expansion joints = :(

We called our landlord who said this has happened before . There were no expansion joints installed under the tiles and with the change of temperature the tiles expanded and eventually cracked. We’ll have to wait for the tile to be replaced properly.

In the meantime, it’s a conversation piece?





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