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How to celebrate a hole-in-one

After 14 years of golf, my husband finally nailed that shot that golfers dream about, a hole-in-one. It was at a golf course he typically doesn’t play, but went spur of the moment when someone had dropped out of a foursome. He hit a GREAT shot on a par three, laying the ball up on the green, and watched as the ball back-spun about 3 feet before disappearing. He knew immediately it was a hole-in-one, and the celebration commenced.

He arrived at home, excitedly relaying the story to me. He then removed the ball from his pocket, showing it off, telling me “not to wipe the dirt off.”  He wondered aloud if he should write the course name and date on it with a sharpie. “No way!” I said. I knew how special this was to him. “You need to engrave that or something!”

I wondered, how do people celebrate a hole-in-one? Apart from the obvious screaming, hugging, and drinks at the clubhouse of course. A little bit of research and I’ve come up with a few ways that do not involve sharpie.

How to celebrate a hole-in-one

1. Register your hole in one on the Golf Digest Website.

2. Preserve the memory with a trophy or plaque Golf Smith has some great ones. 

If you made a Hole-In-One with a Titleist golf ball, register on their website and you will receive a complimentary Pewter Bag Tag.  (Only available in the USA).

3. Make cupcakes! Pop the champagne and celebrate with some adorable cupcakes!

Have you or a family member made a hole-in-one? What did you do to celebrate?



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  1. Em says

    I love the trophy idea! What. Huge accomplishment! And a great memory to look back on 🙂