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Life of a golfer’s wife: Progress Update

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Today was a big day! Drumroll please….my husband signed up for Q-School!

For those of you who don’t know, my husband’s dream is to become a professional golfer and the main reason we are in South Africa is for him to pursue his dream (more about that here). Q School is a big step in this process, because if he makes it, he will get to play in tournaments on the Sunshine Tour.

His emotions are pretty mixed because his golf isn’t exactly where he wants it, which I’ve noticed seems to be pretttyyyyy common with golfers. Even if you’re Tiger or Adam Scott (my golfer crush after my husband, isn’t he dreamy in that photo above????), there is always something to improve upon, which is what makes the game so satisfying, yet at times so. incredibly. frustrating.

It’s seriously rollar coaster to watch. One day he comes home with a hole-in-one and the next day he’s shooting 6 over and wants to break his driver in half. It’s a hugely mental game, and the pressure of doing well, combined with an unreliable swing spells disaster.

IMG_2809But there is a silver lining.  A new coach at a golf academy. He just started last week, but it already has my husband feeling so much more confident about his game, and confidence is everything! I went with him to his first lesson and even I could see the difference in his swing. The academy has top of the line equipment and uses the V1 system that can measure every angle of his body to ensure it is in the optimal position for his swing. It’s pretty amazing what a little adjustment can make. Professional golfers have to be so precise, and at his level he needs to be fine tuned to play great golf.

This guy seems to really know his stuff, and I’m excited to see him bring Jono up to the best of his ability as a golfer! Cross your fingers for him! Or as South Africans would say, “hold thumbs!”





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2 Responses

  1. jay says

    I know you can do it, nic nic knows you can do it and you know you can do it.JUST DO IT!!!

  2. Em says

    Congrats Jono! So glad to hear that a blessing has come your way!! Cheers to much improvement to come!