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Chasing dreams and adventure in South Africa

Return from the wild

After a week of driving through Kruger’s dirt roads and playing game ranger, today seems pretty uneventful.  When you spend a week searching for a glimpse of an elusive African cat, watching elephants and their babies trek across Crocodile river and baboons hop from car to car, it kind of changes you. The wild things on today’s agenda: a load of washing and reheated soup. Roar.

But that’s the reality of a vacation. You research, pack and anticipate, and then suddenly the week/weekend/month is over and the day you pack up you get the sense that it was all just a dream, because it feels like you just arrived. But luckily I have tons of photographs to prove that this wasn’t a dream.  It was a wonderful adventure where I marveled at the beautiful landscape and wildlife by day, then braiied and fed bush babies by night.

I’ll be posting my recap of Kruger in a series because I took close to a thousand photos and there is no way I could include all of my favorites in one post.  Looking forward to reliving the experience and taking YOU into Kruger!





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