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Wildlife Wednesday: Bush Babies

So, as I’ve mentioned previously, one of my goals this year was to focus on my freelance work and this blog. I have actually been super busy with freelance work, which is a blessing because it gives me money to travel, and I’ve also been busy brainstorming up ways to make this blog even better. By better I mean I want to post more regularly, but still with great quality posts! One of my ideas is to have each day dedicated to a different subject. So, from now on Wednesdays will be “Wildlife Wednesdays.”¬† And so as not to spoil the other days, you will see what they are as they come up ūüėČ

For my first Wildlife Wednesday, I want to tell you about one of my all-time favorite animals, the bush baby.

Bush babies basically look like a furby, only they are grey, and smaller, and don’t make annoying sounds. Actually, maybe they don’t look like furbies at at all, but they do have great big adorable eyes like furbies. Bush babies are nocturnal and their their big peepers help them to see at night! Because they only make night appearances, and they are so quick, it is rare to see these babies out in the wild, in fact most people staying at the Kruger house (all South Africans and Zimbabweans) had never seen a bush baby in the wild! I had been wanting to meet a bush baby ever since my first visit to South Africa in 2010.

Luckily the house we were calling home for the week, also had three bush babies who called it home! Our landlord showed us exactly where their nest was, and told us their favorite food: bananas. Naturally we rushed to the store to buy bananas in hopes of luring the little guys out!

Here is the banana set-up on the roof:


Now, let me tell you a little secret. I HATE bananas. I can pinpoint my extreme dislike of bananas to one fatal day when I was sick and was force-fed banana flavored medicine. Let’s just say it did not go down well. Since that day I cannot even stand the smell of bananas and have been known to sniff it out a mile away.

Well folks, I faced my banana fears. ¬†Now don’t be silly, I didn’t eat the banana or anything, but I peeled and cut it into bite-sized pieces for these little guys, all while holding my breath of course. THAT is how much I love bush babies!

When one bush baby popped his head out it was all worth it! Look how cute it is!


The next time I checked, two little babies had popped their heads out.


Look at that stare! You could tell they wanted that banana, but it was still too light out for them to make the move.


As the sun set and darkness took over, they hopped on the ledge.


The three bush babies devoured their banana, then swiftly hopped onto a nearby tree. They were off, like ninjas of the night!


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