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Vote for me for the expats blog awards!

I’m excited to announce I’ve entered the blog into its very first contest! It would mean the world to me if you would read my entry, and if you feel it’s worthy, make a comment on it. The blog entry with the most comments wins. (A comment has to be more than 10 words!) You… Read More

Faking it + a look at last year’s christmas

This is my first fake Christmas Tree. I’ll admit it, it’s not the most beautiful thing ever. Clearly, I will never be one of those DIY or decor bloggers. That’s fine with me. I’ll leave that to the bloggers already doing it well, like Cupcakes & Cashmere (p.s did you see her holiday wreaths? Super simple & beautiful!) and Design Sponge.… Read More

Rest in Peace Madiba

  My mother-in-law met Mandela in 1998 at a school in the Eastern Cape. She posted this photo of them on Facebook today and called meeting Mandela the highlight of her career. She was privileged to be associated with him, as are most people who had the opportunity to be in his presence. I never met… Read More

Kruger In Photos (spoiler: baby animals ahead!)

In game driving, just as just in fishing, the earlier you start, the better. The air is cooler and the wildlife hungry. Most gates in Kruger open at 5:30 a.m. but it varies seasonally. We arrived at the Crocodile Bridge gate around 6 a.m., paid our conservation fees and proceeded into the park. My first game… Read More

Officially on Safari: My First Wild Animal Sighting

We woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, packed the car, and as most good road trips begin, left an hour later than scheduled. The trip was an estimated 4.5 hours with my poor loving husband agreeing to take on all of the driving (have I mentioned I still can’t drive manual?) Luckily this drive was nothing like the I-95… Read More

Return from the wild

After a week of driving through Kruger’s dirt roads and playing game ranger, today seems pretty uneventful.  When you spend a week searching for a glimpse of an elusive African cat, watching elephants and their babies trek across Crocodile river and baboons hop from car to car, it kind of changes you. The wild things on… Read More

Know before you go: South Africa’s Kruger National Park

Whenever I ask someone who has been to Kruger Park about their experience, their response usually contains one of the following phrases: “life-changing” or “indescribable.” Hopefully I’ll be saying the same thing after next week when I take my first steps into this famous park! South Africans, tourists, and expats alike LOVE Kruger. Why? It’s simply the… Read More

Life of a golfer’s wife: Progress Update

Today was a big day! Drumroll please….my husband signed up for Q-School! For those of you who don’t know, my husband’s dream is to become a professional golfer and the main reason we are in South Africa is for him to pursue his dream (more about that here). Q School is a big step in… Read More

Exploring Melville + Margaritas!

Melville is an artsty, charming town on the Northwest outskirts of Johannesburg. My new friend Chantelle graciously offered to show me around and I jumped at the chance of seeing a new town! We met in Melville at Chantelle’s friend’s house. Her friend is former artist, which explains why the house is just dripping in… Read More